Plumbers and Pipe Fitters #412

Albuquerque, NM

entry-img2Local #412 spends approximately $1 million a year educating and training its members. Approximately 80% of apprentices complete the training program, which requires 8,500 hours of on-the-job training and 1,080 hours of classroom instruction. In the last year, 30 members have joined the program and an additional 20 have completed it. If non-Union apprentices are terminated from their employment they must find another employer who is participating in the program or they may not continue with their classroom instruction. A Union apprentice continues with classroom education, regardless of their employment status, in order to complete their required amount of classroom hours.

Local #412’s training instructors are selected because of their expertise in their given field. They must submit a resume and undergo an interview before they are accepted as an instructor. The training is based on the International Union’s books and curriculum, which are used throughout the US and Canada. The training teaches workers to understand problems so they can troubleshoot current problems and help prevent future issues. The United Association and Local Union #412 believe, “apprenticeship is the nucleus of craftsmanship.”