Ironworkers Local #495

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entry-img1Local #495 has spent over a million dollars training members in the last five years because they know that apprenticeship training is the heart of creating a long-lasting, safe and qualified workforce. Approximately 85% of the members that enter the apprenticeship program complete it and move on into the workforce. The apprentices are required to complete 6,000 hours of OTJ training and 220 hours of classroom education over the course of the three-year program. With every 1,000 hours of OTJ training, the apprentices are moved to a higher level of apprenticeship.

Everyone involved with Local #495 understands that education is the key to successful members who stay in the community. That’s why it offers college credits for all training, and Spanish-language education is available. English classes are also available for Spanish-speaking members and their families. As they look to the future, they want to continue providing high-quality safety and training that meets the constantly changing needs of the industry.