Plumbers and Pipe Fitters #412


logoLocal Union #412 started in New Mexico in 1910 and has 2,100 local members. Members benefit from Collective Bargaining Agreements that guarantee them a fair and decent wage for their skills and other benefits including health insurance for themselves and their families, a defined-benefit pension, a defined-contribution pension and free training. Local #412 offers a variety of plumbing and mechanical training opportunities including sewer and water distribution, medical gasses, high-purity piping, pipe welding, HVAC installations and repair – all of which emphasize safety. Through articulation agreements, Local #412’s programs and curriculums offer participants college credits for completing the Apprenticeship and successfully completing certain courses. Industry related Journeyman upgrade courses are held throughout the year. All of the training is designed to help members stay ahead of the every-changing industry.

Local #412 participates in various community service programs. Their main community service program is HEAT’s ON – Handicapped and Elderly Assistance to Service Our Neighbors. They work on this program in conjunction with the Mechanical Contractors Association of New Mexico to go and out and turn on the heat for unfortunate and distressed community members.


Competitive Difference
Union workers generally have a higher level of expertise, skill and pride when performing their job, and they strive to do things right the first time. A union-affiliated contractor also benefits by hiring Union because they can use the Union’s hiring halls to supply manpower versus using newspaper advertising, staffing agencies or other means to attract a labor force – which would not be as reliable or qualified as a Union workforce.