Plasterers & Cement Masons #254

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logoThe Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Local #254 is a full service Local that represents New Mexico and West Texas. All officers of the Local have worked within the trade. Full service means and includes contract enforcement, negotiations, advance hands on training, certifications, guaranteed wage and benefit levels. Advancement is dependent upon satisfactorily completing required classroom instruction, accruing necessary on the job training hours, and prompt submission of required monthly forms. Upon satisfying State of New Mexico requirements Apprentices are advanced to Journeyperson status. With additional training, plasterers and cement masons may become Foreman, General Foreman, or even Superintendents for the signatory contractors.


Local 254 agreements are the following: 

3 Year Contract Agreements, Local #254 is the exclusive provider of manpower for signatory contractors. We certify, train and upgrade our members.

Project Labor Agreement, Local #254 signs PLA’s in efforts to show contractors how we work and the quality of available manpower.

Union History

Since 1864, members of the Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association, the nation’s oldest building trade, have organized workers and their community to the benefits of union membership and building with union craftsmen. Many improvements for workers in our industry and country came about from their struggles. The 40 hour work week, overtime, public education, prevailing wage laws, safety and health regulations, healthcare and retirement plans for workers, livable family wages and respect for our Trades all came about because of our collective strength as organized workers. Most union craftsmen know that just paying dues is not enough and boldly display their pride of workmanship and union membership.

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Apprenticeship training

Requires both on-the-job work experience and related instruction. On-the-job work experience is provided by the registered sponsor and is organized and systematic. Related instruction is designed to provide the apprentice with the theory and technical knowledge related to his/her trade or craft. Local 254 apprenticeship school, the sponsoring contractors, or the local community college may provide related classroom instruction to apprentices. A registered apprentice completes a minimum of4,000 hours (Cement Masons) and 6000 hours (Plasterers) of supervised on-the-job work experience in a specific occupation, and a recommended minimum of 144 hours of related instruction for each year of apprenticeship. Depending on the occupation, the length of apprenticeship varies between two years, with three years being the average.

is a proven, cost-effective system for training employees in a variety of occupations that require a wide range of skills and knowledge.

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Competitive Difference

Local #254 members have the ability to work on a variety of projects, including flat work, curb work, gutter work and heavy highway projects. When a contractor calls looking for workers, they can rest easy knowing the will receive the most qualified worker with expertise on their type of project. The workers assigned to the project will arrive at a job site with the proper tools and knowledge to get the job done right.