DAds DAy – Dollars against Diabetes

dadlogoDSC01318The New Mexico Building Trades Council is once again participating in the Dollars Against Diabetes (DAD’s) Day program, a national fundraising drive to benefit the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI), the world’s most comprehensive diabetes research facility. On June 14th we will be holding our Nineteenth Annual DAD’s Day to help cure diabetes.

In 1986, the General Presidents of the Building and Construction Trades Unions committed to sponsoring a multi-million dollar fundraising activity for the DRI at the University of Miami.  Since DAD’s Day was first initiated in 1987, we have raised more that $19 million.  $1 million was raised last year alone.  The New Mexico Building Trades Council was proud to have raised $30,000 for the 2007 effort. We hope to make this year’s DAD’s Day our most successful yet, far exceeding last year’s goal.  This is why we need your help.

Across the country, individuals such as yourself are assisting in this worthy endeavor.  Last year, businesses and contractors donated more than $100,000 to DAD’s Day.  Daily, we all come into contact with someone affected by the deadly killer diabetes.  This is why we need your contribution.  Your check can help us find a cure.

With your tax deductible contribution of $100, $250, $1,000, $5,000 or more, you can become, respectively a Booster, Benefactor, Patron or Sponsor of the New Mexico DAD’s Day campaign.  In return for your support each contributor will receive an individualized certificate indicating his/her support for the program.  You can join us a s part of the unionized construction trade’s commitment to curing diabetes.  Please make your checks payable to ”DAD’s Day.”  With your help, we can find a cure.


Chris Frentzel

DAD’s Day Chairman

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